What do our clients think of the service they receive from Computer Onsite?
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Gary, Ottawa

Tony was very knowledgeable, friendly and knew exactly what needed to be done. I would not hesitate in using Computer Onsite in the future

Victoria, Ottawa

My experience was very positive. It was easy to communicate because David used language that was conversant with my limited skills with a computer.

Cathy, Ottawa

We have always been highly satisfied with both the level of competence and courtesy of Computer Onsite technicians. Tony did a great job, thanks very much!

P. Davidson, Ottawa

Very polite, very informed and most of all, he was very patient in answering all my questions. I would not hesitate to contact Computer Onsite should another problem arise.

R. Armitage, Ottawa

We have your sticker on the inside of our computer desk. I am really grateful for the service you provide, as the technology increases my logic decreases and any help I can get resolving issues is great. I appreciate your expertise and the speed with which you resolve problems. I would appreciate any stickers, magnets or pens that you may have, to give out at my retirement on Wednesday... to let people know who you are and what you do so well.

N. Julien, Ottawa

I'm very grateful.Tony did an awesome job...He was very professional, courteous and polite. Also very Quick and Efficient to detect and fix the problem. What else can I say...I'm very happy !!! This summer I will be Up-Grading and now I know who to call!! THANK YOU & HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

J. Bridges, Ottawa

Tony was a very nice guy, who did his job quickly and efficiently. My son was watching him at the time, and they both talked for the entire time that Tony was here. He did a wonderful job and was very polite.

M. Thrasher, Ottawa

Troubles hooted with me which led to a great solution using an old computer to save money.. Tony is very polite with good interpersonal skills and pleasant to work with. Is quick and shares information; would recommend him to others and have him back at a later date. Thanks

J. Hough, Ottawa

Tony is an excellent and professional Man....Yes he hits the keys far faster than I can keep up to him, but he explains what he was doing and afterwards he explain what we need to do in order to help prevent the problems we had with our computer.... Very HAPPY with service and we will continue to call for help when required!

J. Sonley, Ottawa

Extremely efficient service with a knowledgeable technician who knew immediately how to fix the problems. I particularly liked the fact that none of my settings were changed on the system. All of my personal little preferences and habits, if changed for the purpose of repairing the system, were reset before the technician left. It is a pleasure to work with people who recognize that a computer is set up so that the owner/operator likes it, not the way the repair person prefers. You are welcome to repair any other difficulties which may occur.

T. Ross, Toronto

Good. Your technician was very friendly and knowledgeable. He pinpointed the problem right away and took the time to explain it in simple terms.


D. Joly,  Ottawa

I was very impressed with the efficiency and the quality of the service provided. I got my money's worth for sure! Your technician was very professional and did not waste any time identifying the problem and solving it to my satisfaction. Thanks a lot.

S. Carter, Ottawa

Same day service is just what I needed. In fact, a technician was at my home just 2 hours after I called! Technician was friendly and was able to fix my computer problems easily. Will definitely use again.

E. Cady, Ottawa

Tony is very polite and very knowledgeable about computers and related software.

J. Bridges, Ottawa

I'm very grateful.Tony did an awesome job...He was very professional, courteous and polite. Also very Quick and Efficient to detect and fix the problem. What else can I say...I'm very happy !!! This summer I will be Up-Grading and now I know who to call!! THANK YOU & HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!

D. Moran, Ottawa

I've used Computer Onsite services for a couple of years now, and I am very pleased with the technicians...and the service that has been performed on my computer. I highly recommend your company to anyone.

T. Dilger, Ottawa

I was very pleased with Richard work attitude, his knowledge of different solutions to my putter problems, and his friendliness. I will call Computer Onsite again when I need help.

B. Jacques, Ottawa

Extremely fast response time, knowledgeable and thorough technician, friendly service. Computer Onsite!

C. Mofford, Ottawa

David was able to solve the problem quickly. He was also pleasant in his demeanour

Peter, Ottawa

The staff was very friendly and accurate. They were very knowledgeable and quickly solved all our problems. Loved the service! Thank you.

A. Wright, Ottawa

The best part is that the technicians could come to me. living in the city without a car makes it difficult to lug my computer somewhere to be fix. The technician was also friendly and knowledgeable when answering my questions.

W. Robins, Ottawa

I've been a long time Computer Onsite customer and have received fantastic service from all Computer Onsite representatives. Your organization can be proud of your service quality, professionalism and attention to customer needs.

H. Layte, Ottawa

Richard was knowledgeable and very accommodating. I'd definitely use his services again.

R. Beattie, Ottawa

Since I was unable to specify exactly what was wrong, it was not possible for Tony to make an initial estimate. All in all, I was 1000% satisfied with his work, including explanations of what he was doing and why, in language I could understand. I have received a consistently excellent level of service from your company.