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From narrowing down your computer needs to building customized systems our service is second to none. With quality components from more than 20 warehouse distributors and a solid service warranty our computers are definitely a choice to consider.

High Speed Wireless (available in some areas) only requires a serial port or USB connection. Dialup access requires a Modem (which should be at least 56kbps in speed to maximize your connection speed). Either way we can usually in a matter of minutes, get you connected and configure your chosen Internet access connection to maximize your systems performance and guarantee that you have the fastest connection possible. Even if you don't have a chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can ask you a few questions to determine what your REAL Internet needs may be and recommend the best and most cost effective Internet options based on your specific needs and/or budget.

Not only you will get the most cost effective solutions, but also an unbiased selection of quality products to ensure reliable results. Delivery and set up of your newly purchased computers is arranged at your convenience, including disposal of all packaging materials. We also specialize in hardware/software installations and provide support for all systems on a contract, per job or hourly basis.

You can sign up for various support packages which include onsite service as required. Rates vary according to the contract desired and can be customized to meet your needs.