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  Internet Setup/Configuration

Whether you have chosen to go with high-speed Internet options or dialup...often, it can be confusing knowing just how to connect and configure your computer for best results. For instance, High-Speed Internet like DSL or Cable require connecting your computer via an Ethernet Network Card (which your system may or may not already have installed).

High Speed Wireless (available in some areas) only requires a serial port or USB connection. Dialup access requires a Modem (which should be at least 56kbps in speed to maximize your connection speed). Either way we can usually in a matter of minutes, get you connected and configure your chosen Internet access connection to maximize your systems performance and guarantee that you have the fastest connection possible. Even if you don't have a chosen Internet Service Provider (ISP), we can ask you a few questions to determine what your REAL Internet needs may be and recommend the best and most cost effective Internet options based on your specific needs and/or budget.

You may be surprised about how many (or how few) options you have depending primarily on your geographic locations and what you are willing to spend for Internet access. We are not affiliated with any ISP or service providers. We simply offer our suggestions, recommendations and installation services for the benefit of knowing our customers have the best available service that meets their specific needs.